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Ron Johnson pierces purple haze

In “The Chuck Todd Experience” I wrote about Todd’s manhandling of Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson and linked to the NewsBuster post “Call Him Spike? Chuck Todd Vows NOT to Show Trump Attacking Omar, Hunter Biden.” It was a “Purple Haze” kind of a deal.

Now NewsBusters has posted two clips of Mark Levin’s fantastic interview of Senator Johnson on Levin’s FOX News show last night. I have posted the first of the two clips below. This is what Todd preferred to keep his audience from hearing.

Most of last night’s show is accessible in three parts that are are accessible on YouTube. The first part is below.

The second part is below.

The third part is below.

Senator Johnson is the rare honest man in Washington. Last night’s Levin show was a breath of fresh air. FOX News has posted a complete video here, though it can only be accessed through your cable provider.

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