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Close encounter of the Glenn kind

Encounter Books commissioned Ben Weingarten to interview Glenn Reynolds in connection with Glenn’s Encounter Books pamphlet The Social Media Upheaval (video below). Episode 5 in the Close Encounters series, the interview takes up Glenn’s belief in the need to use antitrust laws to break up collusive big tech companies and his response to libertarian critiques of such a plan as well as the corrosive impact of social media on its users.

And that’s not all! They also discuss the parallels between the spread of ideas in the modern social media ecosystem and contagions in early cities, the state of American politics, Trump as a modern Teddy Roosevelt and more. Glenn is the accomplished law professor, author, columnist and proprietor of InstaPundit. He is a modern Renaissance man. I found the whole thing of interest.

Encounter Books has posted a slightly edited transcript here with relevant links. The Federalist has posted the video and transcript here, also with relevant links.

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