Rod Dreher

‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’ File

Nope, nothing suspicious here at all:

In the latest screw up in Jeffrey Epstein’s death case, federal officials revealed Thursday that video of the cell where the pedophile reportedly made his first suicide attempt was accidentally destroyed.

The surveillance footage was requested by Epstein’s cellmate, accused killer ex-cop Nicholas Tartaglione, who is hoping it will show he “acted appropriately” and earn him a break at sentencing.

Last month, federal prosecutors said the video had been found. But in a letter to the judge on Thursday, they said it turns out that staff at the Metropolitan Correctional Center “inadvertently preserved video from the wrong tier,” and the video from the correct one “no longer exists.”

“60 Minutes” had a report the other night on the Epstein case. New York magazine offers five takeaways from it. The original “60 Minutes” report isn’t online and embeddable yet, but this five-minute extra gives you basically what you need to know. It doesn’t prove that Epstein didn’t kill himself, but it does raise serious questions. Note especially the oddity of the three bone fractures, and the fact that the noose identified by the medical examiner as the one Epstein used to hang himself does not match the description given of the scene in the official report. Also, pathologists said that without an image of Epstein’s body as it was found — and those images are not believed to exist — some questions will not be answerable.

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