With Friends Like These! Ellen & Hillary Gush Over Mitt Romney, Bash Acquittal

Usually non-controversial talk show host Ellen DeGeneres showcased a bit more of her leftwing convictions during her interview with twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The two women discussed Trump’s acquittal by the Senate, which prompted several urgent questions from DeGeneres, who urged voters to do their job of ousting Trump so get the country “back on track.” DeGeneres and Clinton also heaped praise on Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) for voting to acquit, and hoped that 2020 voters will “follow his lead.”

“This is a big week,” Elllen began, explaining, “You’re here, the president — Trump was just acquitted by the Senate of his impeachment. Does that surprise you? Did you expect that?” Of course Hillary began with her usual contempt for the man that beat her, explaining that she “wasn’t surprised — it’s hard to get 67 votes to convict and remove somebody.” She admitted though that she “was still disappointed that not more of the Republicans were willing to take the stand that Mitt Romney took.”

Ah, Mitt. What a good boy.

Ellen found solace in Romney’s actions. She described his vote as if he had single handedly saved the honor and dignity of the Republic — no doubt that was the recognition he was craving. Looking immensely relieved, Ellen gushed, “Mitt Romney!? Yeah!” Then she, along with her audience, applauded.

Ellen praised the Utah Senator, trying to sell to her liberal viewers the point that since he’s a Republican, his vote to convict really meant the president was unhinged. Sure. She stated, “This is just, you know, people doing what’s right and what’s — you know, Mitt Romney is a Republican.” She concluded, “The fact that he is standing up and saying ‘no this is not right’ is a very important thing.”



And Hillary packaged it and sold it. “There has never been a bipartisan vote to convict. First time ever.” As Hillary prattled on, Ellen looked sick to her stomach presumably because of democracy dying in darkness, or something. Hillary added to the notion that Trump got away with it, saying other GOP senators who voted to acquit “said things like, ‘this was terrible behavior, it was inappropriate… but I’m not gonna vote to convict.’”

“For whatever combination of reasons, they were not willing to take the historic stand that Mitt Romney took.” She said it’s up to “voters now to follow Mitt Romney’s lead.”

A somber and anxious looking Ellen added, “Yeah I hope this is going to be the biggest voter turnout ever.” She later added, “More than ever we need someone who can go in and be able to kind of steer this ship in the right direction instead of going to an extreme.” Oh whoever could she be referring to?

And as far as Mitt goes, clearly he doesn’t have to worry about finding new friends. It seems that Hillary and Ellen are willing to sit with you at a baseball game.

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