‘Pray’ the Plague Away: Rosie O’Donnell & Co. Mock Trump’s Disease Response

Hollywood knows how to come up with ticket-selling doomsday scenarios and their imagined outcome of the coronavirus is no less devastating than the events of Independence Day.

Well, actually, they’re worse, because this time our own president is supposedly helping along the end of the world.

Hollywood’s most unhinged denizens channeled their fears about the potential global plague onto the Trump administration, deciding to forego thinking up some solutions and instead taking to Twitter to say that, with Trump and Pence involved, we’re all going to die.

Of course, who better than the incomparable Rosie O’Donnell to provide some choice hysteria? The Trump-hating comedian tweeted, “a rambling idiot – give us some doctors damn it – scientists – this is apprentice WH in his rapidly declining mind – wtf has happened… we are here #PandemicPreparedness.”

In another post, the demented entertainer asked, “how is he allowed to go on television and lie – with impunity – it seems – his own demented world view – with no one screaming at him as he speaks – #pandemic.”

British actress and singer Minnie Driver slammed Vice President Mike Pence after Trump tasked him with heading the efforts to combat the disease. Mocking his Christian faith, she tweeted, “But don’t worry! @Mike_Pence is gonna pray on the Coronavirus like he did on HIV.”

Well, more like, Mike Pence said he was going to “pray on it” as in take time to think and ask God to give him strength in dealing with policy regarding opening temporary needle exchanges when he was governor of Indiana. These folks won’t tell you he was probably concerned about the proliferation of drug users. He just wanted folks to get HIV, right?

Band of Brothers actor Kirk Acevedo tweeted similar mockery. “Americans are safe now. Mike Pence is gonna pray away the Coronavirus! #TrumpVirus,” he wrote.

Star Trek actor George Takei came out with the anti-Christian smears, too. He tweeted, “Mike Pence, the guy who once wrote that he doubted cigarettes cause cancer, will now head up the nation’s response to the Coronavirus. Someone needs to tell him that having your head up your ass all the time won’t protect you from it.”

Batty Bette Midler blasted President Trump during his coronavirus press conference, tweeting that his virus task force consisted of “loyalist SUCKUP hacks as stupid as he is.”

She added, “now we have a pandemic and there’s no one in charge. Thanks, ASSHOLE.”

Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead put out her own zany tweet about the vice president’s disease response role. She wrote, “Trump put Mike Pence in charge of coronavirus response. Pence said prayer should be how Indiana should control its HIV out break in Indiana when he was governor, and also believes you can reverse your abortion. #coronavirus.”

Well, there has been some study into whether a chemically-induced abortion can be reversed with other chemicals, but Lizz will won’t put that into context. She’s such a fair fighter.

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