Rob Reiner Insists Biden is ‘Compassionate,’ ‘Sane,’ After Dem Calls Voter ‘Full of S**t’

Around the same time Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden told blue collar workers that they were “full of shit” for calling out his shoddy defense of the 2nd amendment, (the former Vice President referred to AR-15s as AR-14s in the exchange, just to let you know how bulletproof his gun arguments are,) far lefties on Twitter insisted that he had the moral and intellectual strength to preside over the United States.

We’ll take “Things that are patently false,” for $2000, please.

When Harry Met Sally director Rob Reiner got off his Trump-centric doomsday prophecy soapbox to sing the praises of the Vice president. Reiner tweeted, “A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Science, Compassion, Decency, The Rule of Law & Democracy. A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Sanity.” And puppies, and ice cream, and …

Keep in mind that within the last two weeks, Biden replaced “God” in Thomas Jefferson’s famous line from the Declaration of Independence with “you know, the thing,” told a crowd of supporters that America needs to “re-elect Donald Trump,” yelled at these Michigan auto workers for calling out his record on guns, and then forgot the name of the “assault weapon” that keeps him up at night.

As Biden’s gaffes were trending on Twitter, Mia Farrow projected his qualities on the current president. She tweeted, “Dear Republicans- you can do better than this unprincipled, mendacious, self-serving buffoon. Find a real Republican.” She added, “Or better still, vote for Joe Biden.”

Joe Biden calls his voters “damn liars,” “fat,” “dog-faced pony soldiers,” yells at them for asking uncomfortable questions, and claims concerned Americans are “full of shit” for questioning his thoughts on gun control.

Perpetually angry actor Jeffrey Wright cheered on Biden’s stupidity, tweeting, “Hell yeah. Good for Biden. Cue the full o’ shit Republican pearl clutchers.”

Wright also tweeted, “Joe Biden referred to an AR-15 as an AR-14. Who gives a fuck?” Oh, I don’t know, maybe people who feel uneasy about politicians telling us which guns are scary when they don’t even know what they are. You’re telling us he can’t name the gun but he knows how it works?

Loony Debbie Messing is apparently impervious to evidence. She tweeted, “@JoeBiden will be our next President because of his decency and civility and his refusal to lower himself to your surrogates’ & supporters’ level.” Watch the video, Debbie. In fact search for any video of Biden within the last two months and tell me that’s decent and civil.


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